African Safari Packages

African Safari Packages

Africa’s famous wildlife is usually the focus of any African Safari Packages. Africa really does have something for everyone. African Safari Packages can include family-friendly holidays, classic beach vacations and amazing honeymoons. There are also luxury train journeys and specialist Big 5 safaris plus adventure tours and itineraries that emphasise responsible, community-based travel too.

The Mwambashi River Lodge offers a truly unique African experience. Nestled under a canopy of magnificent winter thorns. There are fantastic views of the Zambezi. The lodge has all the amenities to ensure a comfortable and well catered for stay. The pool and pool deck is situated right on the edge of the river with breathtaking views of the Zambezi.

What guests say about African Safari Packages at Mwambashi:

“Truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet! The lack of people, the wild animals in profusion and the professional, knowledgeable and gracious staff help make it so.” – Biruti Mary Galdikas, Los Angeles Ca. USA (note – Biruti Galdikas was one of the Leakey Girls together with Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall)

“Paradise! The sights, the sounds, the people! It simply doesn’t get any better!” – Morris and Jackie Froslie, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Truly an experience of a lifetime! I will never forget the majestic setting of the Mwambashi Lodge. You have a jewel here. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that I will treasure forever.” – Michelle Benedet, Vancouver, Canada

Come to Mwambashi River Lodge to experience all your African Safari Packages rolled into one:

Game drive African Safari Packages:
Embark on a guided 4×4 game drive at dawn when the world is still at peace, lose yourself in the sunrise and visual splendour.

Bird Watching African Safari Packages:
On a walking bird safari, our expert guides will accompany you as you experience Africa on foot.

Canoeing African Safari Packages:
Experience African wildlife by canoe. Our guests are invited to paddle along the Zambezi river with an expert guide for a truly phenomenal and exhilarating water safari.

Fishing African Safari Packages:
An unforgettable experience to include on your African Safari Packages is game fishing on the Zambezi. This unspoilt stretch of water has always attracted wildlife enthusiasts and sport fishermen. It is home to the legendary Tiger Fish.


The Mwambashi River Lodge on the Zambezi

African Safari PackagesThe Mwambashi River Lodge is ideally situated on the banks of the Zambesi River near the confluence of the Mwambashi River and the Zambezi River. See the map below.
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