Tiger Fishing Zambezi (Zambia)

Tiger Fishing Zambezi (Zambia)

Tiger Fishing ZambeziThis unspoilt stretch of water has always attracted wildlife enthusiasts and travelled sport fishermen as it’s home to the legendary Tiger Fish. Here, man and fish meet under the African sky, an encounter that has many coming back year after year.

Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi River is ideal for fly fishing, spin and lure anglers of all levels, and bait fishing. The Zambezi River, Zambia is a beautiful natural habitat for Africa’s most spectacular and sought-after game fish, the fierce Tiger Fish, as well as Bream and Catfish.

Tigerfish, the so-called ‘striped water dog’, are one of strongest kilogram-for-kilogram fighters. Tige Fish attack from the side at speeds of up to 50 kph, then turn their bait around and swallow it headfirst. The tigerfish’s ability to bite through a lure with their razor-sharp teeth makes them an extremely exciting fish to catch.

Tiger Fishing Country

‘Tiger Country’ is a small part of the upper Zambezi River that stretches approximately 100km from Katima Mulilo to Impalila Island (where Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe all meet). This part of the upper Zambezi is ‘Tiger Country’ because of the floodplains. The river rises for 6 months of the year (December – May) to form the floodplains and recedes for the other 6 months of the year (June to November). The annual floods rejuvenate the river system. The river re-stocks itself with everything from crustaceans and insects, to fish that go to the flood plains to feed and breed.

Tiger Fishing Zambezi River

Tiger Fishing ZambiaA signature Mwambashi River Lodge experience is game fishing on the Zambezi. While the lodge offers guests a choice between bait and fly fishing, guests are asked to bring a healthy dose of love for the unexpected because, while you’re expecting to catch Bream, you might end up with a monster Catfish or two.

Mwambashi River Lodge prides itself on being eco-friendly and Tiger Fishing is strictly catch-and-release to preserve this beautiful game fish and ensure that future generations can enjoy this wonderful wildlife experience for years to come.

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